Alert Fatigue

Screen Flashes And Pop-Up Reminders: ‘Alert Fatigue’ Spreads Through Medicine
By Shefali Luthra
June 15, 2016

doctors, nurses and pharmacists … when they’re hit with too much information, the result can be a health hazard. The electronic patient records that the federal government has been pushing — in an effort to coordinate health care and reduce mistakes — come with a host of bells and whistles that may be doing the opposite in some cases.

What’s the problem? It’s called alert fatigue.


EHR Rankings Hint at Physician Revolt

EHR Rankings Hint at Physician Revolt
Medscape. February 03, 2014

When it comes to electronic health record (EHR) systems, many physicians are clicked off.

Study after study shows that point-and-click, template-driven EHR systems have sparked a big backlash against the technology. Physicians complain that the intensive data entry required in most programs, made even more intensive by federal meaningful use requirements, transforms them into clerks, slows them down, and turns face time with the patient into screen time.

The EHR of the future is not your mother’s EHR

The Future of Healthcare IT
Siemens Healthcare
Apr 12, 2013

Dr. John Glaser, CEO, Health Services Division at Siemens Healthcare speaks at the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference in New Orleans.

The EHR in the years to come won’t be the same as the EHR in the years that have passed … technology will enable us in the years to come to do things differently, more effectively, than we’ve been able to do in years gone by.

The EHR of the future is not your mother’s EHR, as much as we all love our mother’s EHR.

Smartphones Help Bridge Gaps In Electronic Medical Records

Smartphones Help Bridge Gaps In Electronic Medical Records
June 17, 2013

Medicare Blue Button, a computer program that allows patients to download their medical history into a simple text file on their smartphones and personal computers. Then, third-party applications that you download help organize this information.

Stratis Health, a non-profit in Minnesota
Leading collaboration and innovation in health care quality and safety

Health Privacy Project at the Center for Democracy and Technology

when doctors and health plans store your electronic medical information, it’s covered by federal privacy and security rules – rules that don’t necessarily extend to your smartphone.


How Tech Is Bringing Healthcare Into The 21st Century
The Motley Fool. Feb 13, 2016