Think Python, 2e ©2016

Think Python 2e
by Allen B. Downey

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Building Machine Learning Systems with Python (Community Experience Distilled)
July 26, 2013
by Willi Richert, Luis Pedro Coelho

Machine Learning: The Art and Science of Algorithms that Make Sense of Data November 12, 2012
by Peter Flach

Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning
March 12, 2012
by David Barber

Foundations of Machine Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series) August 17, 2012
Mehryar Mohri, Afshin Rostamizadeh, Ameet Talwalkar

Introduction to Machine Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series)
August 22, 2014
by Ethem Alpaydin

Understanding Machine Learning: From Theory to Algorithms
May 19, 2014
Shai Shalev-Shwartz, Shai Ben-David

Machine Learning: An Algorithmic Perspective, Second Edition (Chapman & Hall/Crc Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition)
October 8, 2014
by Stephen Marsland

Doing Bayesian Data Analysis, Second Edition: A Tutorial with R, JAGS, and Stan
November 17, 2014
by John Kruschke

Bayesian Data Analysis, Third Edition (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science)
November 1, 2013
by Andrew Gelman

Bayes’ Rule: A Tutorial Introduction to Bayesian Analysis
June 4, 2013
by James V Stone

Think Bayes
October 4, 2013
by Allen B. Downey
O’Reilly Media

Think Complexity: Complexity Science and Computational Modeling
March 12, 2012
by Allen B. Downey
O’Reilly Media

Python 3 Object Oriented Programming
July 26, 2010
by Dusty Phillips

Core Python Applications Programming (3rd Edition) (Core Series)
March 19, 2012
by Wesley Chun
Prentice Hall


Python for Informatics

Python for Informatics
by Dr. Charles R Severance
September 2013

Chapter 11: Regular expressions
© 2013

Dr. Chuck’s RegEx “cheat sheet”.

try .. except example

used by:
Using Python to Access Web Data
Coursera, Oct 26 — Dec 14, 2015


email_counterCounting Email in a Database
Using Databases with Python
December 2015

Python For Kids For Dummies (September 2015)

Python For Kids For Dummies (September 2015)
by Brendan Scott

Code samples from the Wiley Site:



Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies
September 2014
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