One Step Behind

One Step Behind
by Hol Baumann
on [Human]

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The Queen Of British Ska

How ‘The Queen Of British Ska’ Wrestled With Race
June 09, 2012

The British ska-revival band The Selecter formed in the late 1970s, playing what can be described as rock fused with calypso and American jazz.

Much of what set the band apart was its charismatic lead singer, Pauline Black. As one of few women in a musical movement dominated by men, she was called “The Queen of British Ska.”

“For a lot of black people that grow up in a predominantly white society, obviously you do notice the difference,” she says. “It’s not just a question of skin color. It is a question of attitudes. It is a question of expectations.”

Black says that this social consciousness led her to a career in music.