Dog-a-thon Runner v.1.0

dog_gameDog-a-thon Runner v.1.0
Project: re-program it so that the dog lives longer

aCar race

car_raceCar Driving.
by bhavyab. Mar 2015


stageSanics advenchur
by Zro716

similar running effects:
Double Run
by _Simple_ Jan 2015
Subway Surfers is an “endless running” mobile game.
Category: 3D platform games

CaptureScratch Run
by Gunman111. Dec 2013

Mod 7
the pseudo-3D graphics technique used on SNES games like the first Super Mario Kart and F-Zero.

stageThe Two Player Racing Game

stageMario Kart Beta v0.8
by Lucario621. Jan 2012

stageKitty Clicker 2!
by getbent

Jetpack Man
by Will_Wam. Oct 2014
pixel art game

by Silverdroid. Mar 2015