Social ties & sleep disruption (2013)

Social Ties and Adolescent Sleep Disruption
David J. Maume
First Published December 4, 2013

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An incremental theory of personality

Preventing Symptoms of Depression by Teaching Adolescents That People Can Change
Effects of a Brief Incremental Theory of Personality Intervention at 9-Month Follow-Up
Adriana Sum Miu, David Scott Yeager
September 15, 2014

an incremental theory of personality—the belief that people’s socially relevant characteristics have the potential to change.

an entity theory of personality—believing people cannot change


  • cognitive theories of depression
  • implicit theories
  • universal prevention
  • developmental psychopathology
  • psychological interventions

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Epic friends > Depression

Epic friends > Depression

Depression in children and young people: information for young people
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Proofing. Over-proved dough. Under-proved dough.

How to tell when your bread dough is done proofing and ready for the oven
3 September 2016
Written By Hanna Ibraheem
overproofing, so that the gluten structure can’t hold the gases any longer and collapses.
To see if it’s properly proofed, press it with your finger.. the dough shoud spring back up slowly, leaving a small dent.
If overproofed, the dough won’t spring back up; underproofed, it’ll spring back fully and more quickly.
Another possibility is under- or overkneading, so that the gluten structure wasn’t well developed to begin with.
The dough (= the gluten inside the dough) should be stretchy, able to resist tears when pulled and spring back up when pressed.
At this stage it shouldn’t be sticky anymore either.