Imaging at a trillion frames per second | Ramesh Raskar
Jul 26, 2012

Motion rendition

How to Take Pictures of Water Using Long Exposures
By Bill Fortney

  • Set the ISO to the lowest possible speed—usually ISO 200 or Low 1.0.
  • Set the camera on A for Aperture Priority Automatic. Set the aperture to a small opening like f/22 or f/16—the camera will automatically set a shutter speed. The best shutter speeds seem to be between two and eight seconds
  • Attach an electronic cable release so the camera can be fired without shaking the entire rig.

Photoshop Elements



Photoshop Elements: Supported File Formats

Photoshop Elements 11 and later > File formats supported for importing:
Camera Raw

Camera Raw-compatible Adobe applications
Photoshop Elements 11: Camera Raw 7.1 – 7.4

To edit D810 Raw files in Elements 12 you’ll have to download the free Adobe DNG converter, convert all Raw files to DNG format then edit the DNGs in Elements 12

Digital Negative (DNG)