How to Give a Killer Presentation (HBR 2013)

How to Give a Killer Presentation
by Chris Anderson

it was hard to imagine a preteenager standing on a stage in front of 1,400 people accustomed to hearing from polished speakers such as Bill Gates, Sir Ken Robinson, and Jill Bolte Taylor.

giving a good talk is highly coachable. In a matter of hours, a speaker’s content and delivery can be transformed from muddled to mesmerizing.


One Skill That Will Boost Your Value By Fifty Percent

One Skill That Will Boost Your Value By Fifty Percent in 2014
Forbes. Dec 27, 2013

Warren Buffett has some advice: master the art of public speaking.
Buffett once told a class of business students that he would pay anyone in the room $100,000 for 10 percent of their future earnings. If they were good communicators, he would raise his bid by 50 percent because public speaking would make his ‘investment’ more valuable.

He credits good communication skills for his success

communicate your ideas persuasively.

This presentation that Reynolds gave at TEDx Kyoto is funny, informative, and visually intriguing.

The Mehrabian Study

The Infamous Mehrabian Study And Why You Should Care
Forbes. 2/28/2011

Forty years ago communications expert Albert Mehrabian did a little study that got an outsized reputation — and is often misunderstood.
Here’s what he actually found, and what it means, in a short video from a speech last year.
the 7%-38%-55% Rule, for the relative impact of words, tone of voice, and body language when speaking.