Introduction to iOS Mobile Application Development

Storyboards vs SwiftUI

Swiftui vs Storyboard.
May 2022

Version control system

Using Bash on Mac Terminal

macOS 13: Execute commands and run tools in Terminal on Mac

Installing git on mac and windows, detailed instructions.

Creating and cloning a repository
March 8, 2023

GitHub #8: Branches

Linux users > File Operations > Listing files (ls)

cd “/Applications/Adobe Creative Cloud”

git add

echo command in Linux with examples

Testing your SSH connection

How do I close a file in git editor?
After writing commit message:
write :wq (which means “write and quit) or :wq!
Enter to close the unix file.

Any file may be opened in any editor. So run
ps -ax|grep vim
to check which file is opened in which editor. And then run kill id-of-editor . For e.g.
kill 12345” Thats all
The command ps -ax displays yours as well as other users’ processes
grep matches lines which match a regular expression. In this case, the regular expression is …
Right angle bracket (>) redirects the output to a file called catch. If the file exists, it will first be truncated (emptied), otherwise it will be created.
>” is the output redirection operator used for overwriting files that already exist in the directory. While, the “>>” is an output operator as well, but, it appends the data of an existing file.

Linux / UNIX List Open Files for Process

20 Linux Commands

fstat: nonentity

file permissions: drwxr-xr-x

Stop sharing browser history with other apple devices


iOS > Tic Tac Toe Game

Learn how to create a two person game for iPhone/iPad with three different modes.

The first mode is where you can play against an opposing player by passing the phone or iPad between two players to take turns. The second mode is where you can challenge your phone and see who comes out top and the third mode uses the multipeer connectivity framework to pit two players against each other, each running the application on their own device.


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