Introduction to iOS Mobile Application Development

Storyboards vs SwiftUI

Swiftui vs Storyboard.
May 2022

Version control system

Using Bash on Mac Terminal

macOS 13: Execute commands and run tools in Terminal on Mac

Installing git on mac and windows, detailed instructions.

Creating and cloning a repository
March 8, 2023

GitHub #8: Branches

iOS > Tic Tac Toe Game

Learn how to create a two person game for iPhone/iPad with three different modes.

The first mode is where you can play against an opposing player by passing the phone or iPad between two players to take turns. The second mode is where you can challenge your phone and see who comes out top and the third mode uses the multipeer connectivity framework to pit two players against each other, each running the application on their own device.

ABGT350 (2019)

Tinlicker: Group Therapy 350 live from O2 Arena, Prague. 2019

Above & Beyond Acoustic: Live at The Hollywood Bowl (Full 2016 Concert Film 4K)