Confidence intervals

Lesson 30: Confidence Intervals for One Mean
STAT 414 Intro to Probability Theory
STAT 415 Intro to Mathematical Statistics
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Data Analysis and Statistical Inference
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Microsoft Visual C++

MSVC Preprocessor Progress towards Conformance
July 6, 2018

C++: A General Purpose Language and Library Jump Start
Microsoft Virtual Academy. 04 Dec 2013

Here’s a painless way to learn the basics of C++ from the ground up, whether you’re updating legacy code or writing brand new, efficient, high-performance code for new platforms, like phones, and want to take advantage of C++.
You’ll learn the fundamentals of the C++ language, how to use the language and its Standard Library effectively, and how to use the Visual Studio environment for developing C++, including debugging, exploring code, and understanding error messages. This is your starting point for building software in C++.

Kate Gregory – Partner, Gregory Consulting Limited;
James McNellis – Microsoft Senior Software Development Engineer


Levels of Evidence

What are the levels of evidence?
CEBMa center for Evidence-Based Management

Levels of Evidence for Primary Research Questions
North American Sports Medicine Institute & Advances in Clinical Education
September 2011
Therapeutic studies. Prognostic studies. Diagnostic studies. Economic and Decision Analyses.

Levels of Evidence

A classification for the levels of evidence used for therapeutic studies in EBM.
October 2012