Benjamin Hardy: The 100 Percent Rule

The 100 Percent Rule That Will Change Your Life
Benjamin Hardy
Aug 1, 2019

Why most people struggle when it comes to losing weight or getting rid of bad habits? Is there a chance to get unstuck from unnecessary fallbacks and permanently change our bad habits? In this TEDxTalk, Benjamin shares the secret on how making a radical change is not only possible but required to live a life of integrity, meaning, and purpose. Benjamin Hardy has been the #1 most-read writer on since late 2015. He is the author of Willpower Doesn’t Work

An information theoretical approach to prefrontal executive function.

The cascade model of cognitive control.

An information theoretical approach to prefrontal executive function.
Trends Cogn Sci. 2007 Jun;11(6):229-35.
Koechlin E, Summerfield C.

The prefrontal cortex subserves executive control–that is, the ability to select actions or thoughts in relation to internal goals.

Here, we propose a theory that draws upon concepts from information theory to describe the architecture of executive control in the lateral prefrontal cortex.
Supported by evidence from brain imaging in human subjects, the model proposes that action selection is guided by hierarchically ordered control signals, processed in a network of brain regions organized along the anterior-posterior axis of the lateral prefrontal cortex.
The theory clarifies how executive control can operate as a unitary function, despite the requirement that information be integrated across multiple distinct, functionally specialized prefrontal regions.

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