Rich Sheridan on Storytelling

Rich Sheridan on Storytelling
By Menlo Innovations
July 6, 2015

Menlo CEO and Chief Storyteller Rich Sheridan joined Karen Dietz to talk about storytelling for her Just Story It Podcast.
Rich gives a little background into how storytelling became part of Menlo’s tradition and why he thinks storytelling has woven its way into the fabric of business.

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Managing Talent
University of Michigan


Behavioral Questions

behavioral_interviewingBehavioral Questions

Tell me about a time …

  • Look for the ability to recall and create a story
  • Design the questions in line with the work you want them to execute in the position
  • Look for the story that illustrates ability, agility, aspiration, engagement in work, and/or emotional intelligence.
  • Look for stories of success and failure and what they learned from the experience.

from: 01.05. Selection

Behavioral Interview Questions – How To Answer Behavioral Questions Using The Upgraded STAR Method
The Interview Guys

Managing Talent

Describe your brand
What is your company or department or team “Brand”?
Be creative. Use expressive and emotional words.
01.03. Recruitment and Your Recruitment Brand

Great recruiters are skilled, passionate, and engaged with your company.

Cultural fit is a foundation for selection decisions.


It’s Who We Are

It’s Who We Are — Not What We Do: Ideas Are Supported By Belief
Quicken Loans Culture

Nov 8, 2013

At Quicken Loans, it’s simple: If you have an idea and want it to succeed, it’ll show up in everything you do and you’ll make a difference. That happens every day among the 10,000 team members at Quicken Loans. It all started here as an idea that was supported by a belief system. Without that, none of it would work. With it, we thrive. Making a difference for our clients, our teams, ourselves. That’s what it’s all about, and that’s what we do here at Quicken Loans. A lot of our success is rooted in not being afraid to fail. Or better yet, learning from failure and getting stronger. It’s worked for nearly 30 years and it’ll work for many more.

Mortgage Banker Recruiter

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Managing Talent
University of Michigan

CEO Bill Emerson on Company Culture

There’s more to us than you think
April 2012

The CEO Whisperer

Silicon Valley’s Secret CEO Whisperer
Ozy. December 18, 2013

Bill Campbell is energetic and vibrant, like Rocky Balboa’s corner man.

“Let me tell you what our stuff does and let me tell you based on our work what this can do for you in terms of your productivity.”

“how to lead people — not just manage them, but lead and grow people — is an incredibly important skill that people don’t always have.”


‘Self-Help Messiah’ Dale Carnegie Gets A Second Life

‘Self-Help Messiah’ Dale Carnegie Gets A Second Life In Print
by Maureen Corrigan
November 07, 2013

“Make the other person feel important.”
“Let the other fellow feel that the idea is his.”
“Make people like you.”
Those are some of the peppy commands that have sent generations of Americans out into the world, determined to win friends and influence people — oh, and make big bucks.

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The Real Problem In Working From Home

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

The Real Problem In Working From Home (It’s Not What You Think)

A healthy organization has a culture that allows the sharing of values and ideas, the formation of a corporate identity, and the sense of competitive urgency that allows a company to be agile and innovative.

However, working from home can fail to fire up remote workers in the same way as a shared company environment. As a result, companies suffer—despite the increases in productivity and staff morale that come with teleworking.

Creativity And Institutional Memory


Marissa Mayer breaks her silence on Yahoo’s telecommuting policy
April 19, 2013
her decision to kill the company’s popular work-from-home policy.
The shift in policy affects roughly 200 of Yahoo’s 12,000 employees.


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Workplace Distractions: Here’s Why You Won’t Finish This Article

Workplace Distractions: Here’s Why You Won’t Finish This Article
The Wall Street Journal. December 11, 2012


5 Leadership Styles for Digital Business [infographic]
CIOs must identify which of these five leadership types is right for the team and the project.
July 10, 2017