Nathaniel Mary Quinn

Was The Art Worth All The Pain?
TTBOOK. February 9, 2019


Robert Indiana

Robert Indiana first emerged as a pop artist in the early 1960s, but he was quickly defined by his 1966 signature work, LOVE, shown behind Indiana in this 2013 photo.

Robert Indiana: A Career Defined By ‘LOVE’ No Longer
January 05, 2014

In 1968, Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art bought a painting called LOVE — and made artist Robert Indiana famous. It became a sculpture, a stamp, greeting cards.

And it obliterated the rest of Indiana’s career. The artist has been pretty much ignored by the art world for the past few decades. Not sneered at, he says – just ignored.

“I wasn’t aware that I was disrespected,” he says, in a raspy baritone. “I’ve only been neglected.”

The Art Of Investing

The Art Of Investing: The Rewards Aren’t Always Financial
June 19, 2013

“You are telling people something about yourself when you hang it,” Moses says. “And therefore, I think that emotional investment gives you a certain tie to that work that you don’t find in other objects that you buy.”

The hard part is assessing value in what is so fundamentally a subjective purchase.

Museum Of Bad Art – MOBA

Museum Of Bad Art – MOBA
Gel Conference 2010

Louise Sacco co-founded The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) in 1994. She is dedicated to MOBA’s mission: the collection, exhibition, and celebration of bad art. MOBA is based in Boston.

In this Gel video, Louise displays some of her favorite works and describes the thinking behind the museum and its relationship to the artists.