Computer systems: Not deterministic

Computer systems are really no longer deterministic machines

Introduction to Big Data
September 2015
by University of California, San Diego


Deep learning

Deep Learning
Deterministic Neural Networks
Zhirong Wu

COS598C Spring 2014: Scene Understanding

MIT Technology Review: 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2013

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In the beginning was the code: Juergen Schmidhuber
TEDxUHasselt, 2013

Stochastic neural networds

An approach to predicting non-deterministic neural network behavior

Non-Deterministic Learning Dynamics in Large Neural Networks due to Structural Data Bias (2000)

Nondeterministic Discretization of Weights Improves Accuracy of Neural Networks
Marcin Wojnarski

Python Regular Expressions

newpythonlogoThe Python Standard Library > 6. Text Processing Services > re

Regular expressions HOWTO:
For … science underlying regular expressions (deterministic and non-deterministic finite automata), you can refer to almost any textbook on writing compilers.

Metacharacters are not active inside classes: … '$' is usually a metacharacter, but inside a character class it’s stripped of its special nature.

Perhaps the most important metacharacter is the backslash, \.

Some of the special sequences beginning with '\' represent predefined sets of characters

* doesn’t match the literal character *; instead, it specifies that the previous character can be matched zero or more times, instead of exactly once.

Pay careful attention to the difference between * and +;

match() versus search()


Regular expressions

Python Regular Expressions

Christopher Potts emoticons

Python: Regular expressions
University of Cambridge