Bioengineered kidney makes urine

Bioengineered kidney makes urine after transplantation
Nature. 14 Apr 2013

Here’s research that could take the piss out of disease—and it’s no joke. For the first time, scientists reporting in Nature Medicine have created lab-grown kidneys in rats that produce urine after transplantation.

If the work can be replicated in humans, patients suffering from end-stage kidney disease could one day have “an organ that’s grown on demand—a tailored organ that can be transplanted and replaces the failing organ,” says study author Harald Ott, a bioengineer at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.


Building Human Organs in the Lab


No Longer Sci-Fi: Building Human Organs in the Lab
March 22, 2013!7C0D99F4-0B5A-4861-977A-17F06079DF91
Building a complex human organ in the lab is no longer a dream of science fiction.
At London’s Royal Free Hospital, a team of 30 scientists is manufact uring a variety of body parts, including windpipes, noses and ears.

Prof. Alexander Seifalian