Sam Baker’s ‘Say Grace’

Sam Baker’s Say Grace is his fourth album since he started making them in 2004, at age 50.

Sam Baker’s ‘Say Grace’ Is At Once Beautiful And Broken
August 27, 2013

Baker’s music is simultaneously beautiful and broken, like cracked crockery. His voice barely sketches the simple melodies, and the guitar is marked by the hesitations of someone who relearned the instrument left-handed. But Baker often decorates by quotation — from old hymns or Stephen Foster or, on Say Grace, Emily Dickinson and William Butler Yeats.

Musicians lending support include … Carrie Elkin.

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1,000 Things (by Sarah Jarosz)

Sarah Jarosz, ‘Build Me Up From Bones’
Song: 1,000 Things

For the past couple of years, Sarah Jarosz has been touring with fiddler Alex Hargreaves and cellist Nathaniel Smith as one of the most impressive trios on the folk circuit. On Build Me Up from Bones, she shifted her focus to this trio, taking her jazz-improv-and-folk-infused compositions a step up.
Lyrically, the disc is heavy on coming-of-age themes, wrought with exploration, discovery and fresh insights. With this disc, Jarosz has firmly established herself as one of the finest, most promising artists in her field.

The Top 10 Folk And Americana Albums Of 2013
December 21, 2013

Red & White & Blue & Gold

Aoife O’Donovan, ‘Fossils’
Song: Red & White & Blue & Gold

With the life of a well-loved band (Crooked Still) behind her, Aoife O’Donovan launched her solo career with a bounty of expectations from her fans. All were surpassed by this collection of imaginative arrangements and instrumentation that was somehow both minimalist and lush at the same time.
With producer Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, Neko Case) at the helm, O’Donovan was free to weave together her strange bedfellow musical tastes — everything from traditional folk to new jazz, gospel, bluegrass and pop — into a dreamily cohesive album.

The Top 10 Folk And Americana Albums Of 2013
December 21, 2013