Ty Tashiro: Awkward

Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why That’s Awesome
Ty Tashiro
TEDxNashville, Jun 14, 2018

7:45 we have more connections than we ever did before but we have fewer meaningful relationships and find it harder to form a deep connection with the people that we care about the most


Meet The Man Who Wants To Diversify Silicon Valley By 2040

Meet The Man Who Wants To Diversify Silicon Valley By 2040
November 07, 2013

only about 1 percent of tech entrepreneurs in that section of Northern California are African-American.

He’s set up an internship program called Code2040 to bring black and Latino engineering undergrads to the Valley.

Born into poverty and raised by a single mother in the projects of the New York City borough of Queens, Walker says the only way to make sure he didn’t have to go back to it was to work hard — and make money.

First, he landed a full scholarship to a top-flight, New England boarding school.
“A lot of my classmates had a confidence that I’d never seen before,” he says. “It was almost as if the world just worked for them in a way that they expected it to.”


“… your company just could not be destined for the level of success it should be destined for





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The importance of making connections