Wotsit all about

Beneath These Masks Is An Artist Conflicted By Junk Food
August 14, 2014

British photographer James Ostrer purchased about $8,000 worth of junk food over the past two years — enough to fill up six or seven cars.

But all those Mars bars, strawberry shoelaces, donuts and cheese puffs weren’t meant for consumption. Instead, Ostrer caked them on himself and others (with the help of cream cheese “plaster”) to create a series of human sculptures. Photos he took of his creepy-cool creations on candy-colored backgrounds are on display in London.

The exhibit is called “Wotsit all about” (Wotsits are the British version of Cheetos)


3-D Printing A Masterwork For Your Living Room

3-D Printing A Masterwork For Your Living Room
October 11, 2013

You may never be able to get to Italy to see Michelangelo’s David — but advances in 3-D printing technology are making it possible for you to create an almost perfect replica.

It’s an idea that Cosmo Wenman is hoping will catch on.

“It gets a little exhausting and monotonous after the 500th photo,” he says.

Wenman needs a lot of photos because he wants to create what’s called a 3-D scan, and that requires getting all the detail.

Terry Border: photographer-sculptor-bargain-bin-shopper

Terry Border at Gel 2008
from Gel Conference

Everyday objects take on surprising and often hilarious roles in Terry Border’s hard-to-describe project.
For years now, this unassuming photographer-sculptor-bargain-bin-shopper has worked with snack foods, office supplies, toys, and other items to create evocative and bizarre scenes.
Making something great out of “throwaway” objects is a recurring Gel theme, and Terry’s work is a perfect match.