Williams Syndrome

A Genetic Drive To Love, Yet Distanced By Differences
by Alix Spiegel
May 03, 2010

A great sense Of Empathy

A Life Without Fear
by Alix Spiegel
April 26, 2010

When The ‘Trust Hormone’ Is Out Of Balance
by Alix Spiegel
April 22, 2010

And so several years ago, Jessica decided that, Williams be damned, she herself would teach Isabelle to distrust. There were other symptoms of the disorder that Jessica’s perseverance had overcome: Though Williams kids often have severe cognitive problems, Isabelle had learned to read.

Mar 12, 2012

  • Interest and enthusiasm for music is almost universal in patients with Williams syndrome
  • As many as half of all children with Williams syndrome may exhibit autism spectrum social and communicative deficits.
  • Children with Williams syndrome are described as overly friendly, hyperactive, inattentive, and hypersensitive to loud sounds or certain types of sounds.