Antibiotic Use On The Farm: Are We Flying Blind?

Antibiotic Use On The Farm: Are We Flying Blind?
August 29, 2013

Denmark has led the world in efforts to control antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance.
Every year it publishes a big volume of numbers — and Scott can’t get enough of them. “Diving into these data, and visiting Denmark, is kind of like Disneyland for those of us who like big data,”

There are lots of people who want something similar for farms in the United States.
They include public health experts, but also activist groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Congress is considering a bill that would force the FDA to collect this data and publish it.

… better numbers could actually mean less suspicion and fear.
Many people want to know exactly what meat producers are doing, he says.
When they can’t find the information they want, they’re inclined to assume the worst.