Florida’s Mangroves Move North

Florida’s Mangroves Move North As Temperatures Rise
December 31, 2013

Mangroves, those luxurious coastal thickets of exotic forest and nurseries for fish, are moving north.
Satellite images show the mangroves along the Florida coast are thriving in areas to the north that used to be too cold. It’s another result of higher temperatures, and especially a lack of freezing temperatures farther north.
It’s good news for mangroves, which are disappearing in many parts of the world, but bad for the northern salt marshes they replace.

The world’s climate is warmer on average than it was a hundred years ago.
insects that like warm weather are on the move.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
They point out that more mangroves might be a good thing but they fear that other plants that have been held back by cold weather – invasive weeds like the all-consuming kudzu – may also be following right behind the mangroves.