Soul Food For Thanksgiving: Mac And Cheese, …

Soul Food For Thanksgiving: Mac And Cheese, ‘Red Drink,’ And More
November 20, 2013
The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time
by Adrian Miller

Adrian Miller is a lawyer and former special assistant to President Clinton. After the president’s second term, finding himself with extra time on his hands, he ended up spending the next decade or so researching soul food. “With the only qualifications of eating the food a lot, and cooking it some, I dove in,” says Miller.

Getting past some stereotypes about soul food is one goal of his new book. Miller says the common perception is that soul food is slave food, but that’s only partially true

“A lot of time master and slave were eating out of the same pot,” he says. “So it was really only on the really large plantations … that you had this bifurcated feeding system where the enslaved got some set of foods and the big house got different cuisines. But for the most part, the economics and the reality of such meant that people were often eating the same food.”

During his research, Miller ate in over 150 restaurants serving soul food, often posting pictures of his meals on Facebook. Concerned friends sent messages, asking about his health.