Bertha is under Seattle

“Bertha” is shown in July 2013 as it prepared to begin tunneling in Seattle.

In Seattle, No Simple Answers For A Stalled Tunneling Machine
January 23, 2014

Ever wonder what happened with Bertha — the world’s biggest tunneling machine, stuck under Seattle?

Seattle Rethinks How To Treat Mentally Ill

After Attacks, Seattle Rethinks How To Treat Mentally Ill
September 18, 2013

in Seattle, the mayor has called untreated mental illness an “emergency.”

people with mental health issues … “Very, very few are violent.”

Washington state ranks low in its per capita supply of psychiatric hospital beds and there have been cuts to outpatient mental health care, too.
At the same time, lawmakers have made it easier to get someone committed — at least temporarily.

Crows can act out a three-step plan

A Murder of Crows
October 24, 2010

15:50 three species that make tools:

  • elephants
  • chimpanzees
  • Caledonian crows: they make and use tools in much more sophisticated way than chimps

16:50 to use a tool to get another tool to get food requires much more complex cognitive powers meta tool use

17:45 Crows can act out a three-step plan!

39:30 Theory of Mind

food caching


life: 20 years

Composting On The Way Up In New York City High-Rises

Composting On The Way Up In New York City High-Rises
June 27, 2013

New York is not the first city to turn its food waste into fertilizer.
It’s already required in a number of cities, including San Francisco and Seattle.
In fact, when it comes to recycling in general, New York lags far behind other big cities, with a recycling rate of just 15 percent.