Word classes

the focus [is] on how cells’ structure and arrangement optimize functions specific to each organ.

cells and ECM form a continuum that functions together and reacts to stimuli and inhibitors together.

the precise combination of these tissues allows the functioning of each organ and of the organism as a whole.


ANP inhibits Na+-H+ antiport in proximal tubular brush border membrane

[to form]
tissues of the body are each formed by several types of cell-specific associations between cells and ECM.

[the use of]
makes histology dependent on the use of microscopes

The most common procedure used in histologic research is

the more common methods used to study cells and tissues, focusing on microscopic approaches.

with the focus on how cells’ structure and arrangement optimize functions

Advances in biochemistry, molecular biology, … are essential for a better knowledge of tissue biology.

Sectioning fixed and embedded tissue.

to expose the tissue for sectioning (slicing) on a microtome.

the preparation of tissue sections or slices that can be studied

slices that can be studied with the light microscope

The trimmed tissue specimen is mounted in the paraffin block holder. {ADJ?}

“functioning of each organ” –> “functioning of an organ”

” the higher temperatures needed for paraffin embedding”: “higher temperature” -> “high temperature”?


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