1 in 4 women. 1 in 7 men.

Going Off the Pills
One in four American women takes psychiatric medication. Are we ill, or are we treating emotions like a disease?
March 25, 2015

One in four American women takes psychiatric medication, compared with one in seven men. Julie Holland, a New York psychiatrist, thinks that’s “insane.” In “Moody Bitches,” she advises women to accept the wisdom of their hormone fluctuations and not medicate their moods away with drugs like Prozac or Xanax. She argues that “women’s emotionality is normal. It is a sign of health, not disease, and it is our single biggest asset.” Her authority for this claim is not science, but feminine spirituality. “Reclaiming your authentic, natural self is liberating. It is wholesome and it is healing.” Adding a touch of sociobiology, she continues: “By evolutionary design, women’s brains have developed to encourage empathy, intuition, emotionality, and sensitivity.”