Machines That Think

Machines That Think
By David Bjerklie
TIME Rise of the Robots. July 2013. p. 38-43

Artificial-intelligence researchers have been at their quest for decades. It looks as if things are about to get real.

Humanlike robots make an appearance in Homer’s Iliad

stealing fire from the gods

Pamela McCorduck has chronicled the history of AI

AI has many incarnations, and some of them have been “smarter” than humans for decades:
– crunching numbers
– chess
– identifying patterns in mountains of raw data

computers are woefully behind in common-sense cognitive skills

human wordplay


doe-eyed robots:
– Georgia Tech’s Simon
– MIT’s Nexi

University of Sussex’s ECCERobot

For decades, “chess was considered the summum bonum of human intelligence.” We marveled at the masters’ concentration, tactics, and strategies and their ability to visualize positions a dozen moves ahead.. We saw in the great games embodiments of daring, passion, and icy reserve. And then in 1997 IBM’s Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov …

In the 1970s the artist Harold Cohen developed a computer program, AARON, which has been drawing and painting ever since.