The Principles Behind Game-Based Learning

shapeimage_2Composition Games for the Classroom
Joe Bisz
Computers and Composition Online. Spring 2012

Rulebook: Section 2
The Principles Behind Game-Based Learning
Gee did a great deal of game principle classifying, but one thing he didn’t do is explain which games are best for which disciplines, or how to extract his principles into our teaching.

Using video games to spur curiosity

At Libraries Across America, It’s Game On
August 11, 2013

Something Struggling Readers Are Willing To Work For

For some kids, reading about Superman in a video game can be more fruitful than reading about him in a book. Constance Steinkuehler, an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin, just finished a study about game-based learning. It looks at children and teenagers who don’t like school, but do love games.

“In some cases, you had struggling readers read text that was up to eight grades above their reading level,” she says, “and reading it with perfect comprehension because they were willing and able to bootstrap and fix their comprehension as they went through it.”

Steinkuehler says there’s a simple reason for this: “When you care, you actually persist in the face of challenges.