Schandra Singh

THE ROSE GARDEN, 2005, Mixed media on canvas

Schandra Singh

A Picture is Worth A Thousand… Dollars.
This American Life. Apr 19, 2013
Painter Schandra Singh usually sells her paintings to wealthy art collectors.
So when she gets a letter from a father of a boy with autism, saying his son loves her work, she decides to do a trade with him, one of her sketches for one of his.
It’s only later that she realizes she’s not the only artist in her circle of friends who got that letter.
Reporter Scott Pinkmountain looks into who is behind the form letter. (24 minutes)

Mapping Transversal/Non-Cognitive Skills in Education

Mapping Transversal/Non-Cognitive Skills in Education

“What are the most important skills a child today should be learning?”
When participants at UNESCO’s recent expert meeting on the future of education were asked this question, responses included
critical thinking,
core values and
But when we look to school curriculum, are these “skills” really being encouraged effectively?
How can we define these skills and how can they be measured, if they are measurable?


Resilience for medical leaders

Resilience in late bloomers


Elegance Trumps Ethics In A Scientific Scandal

Elegance Trumps Ethics In A Scientific Scandal 
by Tania Lombrozo
April 29, 2013
Diederik Stapel, a Dutch social psychologist who committed fraud in 55, or more, of his scientific papers.

social psychology … the messiness of experimental data, which rarely led to clear conclusions.