Bugs Bunny is my muse

When Does Creativity Start And End?  
May 25, 2012

Preferring lyrical simplicity to abstruse intellectualism, Collins combines humility and depth of perception, undercutting light and digestible topics with dark and sometimes biting humor.

In 2001 Collins was named U.S. poet laureate, a title he kept until 2003.
Collins lives in Somers, NY, and is an English professor at City University of New York

[Collins] I’m a total cartoon junkie since childhood.
I think more influential than Emily Dickenson or Coleridge or Wordsworth on my imagination, were Warner Bros., Merry Melodies and Loony Tunes cartoons.
Bugs Bunny is my muse.

About Tiffany Adams
Tiffany Adams, the young poet at the beginning of this piece, is a student at Ballou Senior High School in Washington, DC. She gave her reading at 826DC, a nonprofit writing and tutoring center. The organization published a poetry collection containing work by Adams and other students from the center.