ZMapp reverses Ebola virus disease

Reversion of advanced Ebola virus disease in nonhuman primates with ZMapp
Xiangguo Qiu, et al.
Nature. 29 August 2014

Without an approved vaccine or treatment, Ebola outbreak management has been limited to palliative care and barrier methods to prevent transmission.
These approaches, however, have yet to end the 2014 outbreak of Ebola after its prolonged presence in West Africa.
Here we show that a combination of monoclonal antibodies (ZMapp), optimized from two previous antibody cocktails, is able to rescue 100% of rhesus macaques when treatment is initiated up to 5 days post-challenge.
High fever, viraemia and abnormalities in blood count and blood chemistry were evident in many animals before ZMapp intervention. Advanced disease, as indicated by elevated liver enzymes, mucosal haemorrhages and generalized petechia could be reversed, leading to full recovery. ELISA and neutralizing antibody assays indicate that ZMapp is cross-reactive with the Guinean variant of Ebola. ZMapp exceeds the efficacy of any other therapeutics described so far, and results warrant further development of this cocktail for clinical use.

Medical research: Ebola therapy protects severely ill monkeys
Thomas W. Geisbert
Nature (29 August 2014)
A blend of three monoclonal antibodies has completely protected monkeys against a lethal dose of Ebola virus. Unlike other post-infection therapies, the treatment works even at advanced stages of the disease.

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Fruit bats just carry the Ebola virus

The Sources And Symptoms Of A Disease With A Global Reputation
March 25, 2014

SIEGEL: How do people typically contract Ebola?

ROLLIN: More likely from an animal that had been infected. It could be the reservoir. And for Ebola, the reservoir will be a fruit bat.
The bat will suck and excrete the virus, maybe a bite or it could be also in the blood of the bat and when people kill them during the hunting or they could be in contact with that blood or urine or feces.

SIEGEL: And the bat, the carrier, the reservoir, you would say, survives.

ROLLIN: Yeah. They just carry the virus and seems to be in good health.


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Atlanta Doctors Gear Up To Treat Two Ebola Patients
August 01, 2014

A medical transport plane was en route to pick up two Americans sick with Ebola in Liberia, doctors in Atlanta said Friday.

This will be the first time doctors will treat somebody for Ebola outbreak in the U.S, they said.

Both people caught the virus while treating patients in the largest and deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. More than 700 people have died in West Africa from Ebola since March



Sierra Leone Declares Quarantine, As Ebola Outbreak Worsens
July 31, 2014

it’s been so hard because it’s in a very remote part of West Africa. And they simply don’t have the resources there to deal with an Ebola outbreak. There’s never been in an Ebola outbreak there before, so people don’t have experience with it. These are some of the poorest countries in the world.


American Doctor Sick With Ebola Now Fighting For His Life
July 29, 2014

Brantly says he isn’t sure how he got infected. He’s certain he didn’t violate any safety guidelines.

Strickland says he followed strict protocols. He covered every inch of his body before entering the Ebola ward in a protective suit. “It would take at least 30 minutes to get that suit on properly,” she says.

Although the mortality rate has been about 60 percent in this Ebola outbreak, doctors on the ground say good supportive care early does help.


July 24, 2014

the gear known as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
Are they heavy?
It doesn’t weigh all that much — a few ounces, really.
It’s just that they’re suffocating. If you wear something very fluid-resistant, it’s also very air-resistant. It’s hotter than hell. You’re unable to wear the PPE for more than 30 or 40 minutes in tropical heat.

Ebola doesn’t last very long on a clean, dry surface.

filoviruses [such as Ebola]


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