Scratch 2.0 Programming (e-book)

Scratch 2.0 Programming. Making games and cartoons. Detailed step by step guide for children. by  Denis Golikov February 16, 2015 The goal of the book is an introduction into programming and mathematics for middle school students. The material is written for student self‐study for Grade 5‐6 students “fire & smoke” with clones soccer (penguin)   Feather generator (remix) original:   SCRATCH_stageRain (remix) original: 3D Milkyway   Table of colors for beginners       SCRATCH_sodaSoda   Multiplayer Test Triangle fractal SCRATCHstageastronaut   explosion simulation in 10 customs 4 pens writing machine 3 hungry bugs SCRATCH_stageplatform game, 3 levels   flies collect apples Cool animation (olympic version)