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Three Little Birds


Opioid-induced hyperalgesia

When Opioids Make Pain Worse
March 3, 2018
…I began to notice a strange pattern. These hypersensitive patients often had a history of using opioids.

“… there are limitations to any biological system, and if you exceed them, then bad things will happen,” he says. “And one of those things may be opioid-induced hyperalgesia.”

The Wolf of Gubbio

Saint Francis Taming the Wolf

Pope Francis’ Namesake Was Patron Saint Of Animals, Ecology
March 14, 2013
the process of becoming a saint in the Catholic church is extensive.
the first saint to be canonized in the U.S.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

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  • Very basic programming skills (i.e. ability to work with dictionaries and for loops)
  • basic machine learning (how do we represent a dataset as a matrix, etc.).
  • basic linear algebra (matrix multiplications, vector operations etc.).

Python has a useful library “Numpy” that makes math operations very easy.
deep learning frameworks:

  • Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • PaddlePaddle,
  • CNTK
  • Caffe, …

Geoffrey Hinton interview
27:42 unsupervised learning: how to do it?