Noah Britton on echolalia

Autism: give me a chance and I will change everything
Noah Britton
TEDxNewEnglandCollege, 2015

I’m hypersensitive to intonation or inflexion

In elementary school I’d judge phrases not based on the content but based on the rhythm of the meter, and so I’d speak in this incredible odd way …

4:30 Why some people have echolalia: we’re judging what we hear based on the inflexion, the intonation and the meter, rather than the words:
– “Hi! How are you doing today?”
– “Hi! How are you doing today?”

psychological reactance


Ask an Autistic #18 – What is Echolalia?
Amythest Schaber

delayed echolalia

Flipping objects

Autism Sign: Light Switch Flipping
Autism Family

Making a Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder – A Closer Look
February 8, 2019

Autism — what we know (and what we don’t know yet)
Wendy Chung, MD
TED. 2014

Anat Baniel Method

Help For Special Needs Children with Anat Baniel
August 17, 2016 by New Dimensions

ways to access the brain own plasticity and has demonstrated over and over seemingly miraculous transformations. She says, “When the brain gets information it needs it will organize that information . . . [and it] starts forming new connection at a ridiculously fast pace.”

<17:36 they move and you’re there when they move

17:50 in order to form patterns … open the conversation, get new information

All kids want to be successful. But some don’t know better options.

Hit the table. Hit it harder. They learn the difference.

The brain learns how to learn.


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If only I could see those things …

Getting Emotions ‘Switched On’ After Decades Of Asperger’s
March 22, 2016

I had constructed this fantasy in my mind about disability and I had thought to myself, because I can’t read unspoken cues from other people, that I am missing all of these messages of beauty and sweetness and light, and if only I could see those things, my life would be immeasurably better. But when the ability to see into people came on …

TMS actually changed how I saw my memories as a child. I now remember times when people were laughing, but now thanks to TMS, I realize they were laughing at me.