The Mehrabian Study

The Infamous Mehrabian Study And Why You Should Care
Forbes. 2/28/2011

Forty years ago communications expert Albert Mehrabian did a little study that got an outsized reputation — and is often misunderstood.
Here’s what he actually found, and what it means, in a short video from a speech last year.
the 7%-38%-55% Rule, for the relative impact of words, tone of voice, and body language when speaking.


Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are
TED Talks. Jun 2012

Amy Cuddy’s research on body language reveals that we can change other people’s perceptions — and even our own body chemistry — simply by changing body positions.

Don’t fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it.

“Our bodies change our minds, and our minds can change our behavior, and our behavior can change our outcomes.”

“When we think of nonverbals, we think of how we judge others. … We tend to forget, though, the other audience that’s influenced by our nonverbals: ourselves.”

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Just Tell Me I Can’t

Just Tell Me I Can’t

At 49, Jamie Moyer’s Pitching Career Goes Into Extra Innings
October 02, 2013

We don’t often think of professional athletes improving with age, but Jamie Moyer was a better pitcher in his 40s than he was in his 20s. Moyer became the oldest pitcher to win a Major League Baseball game when, in April 2012, at the age of 49 years, 150 days, he pitched the Colorado Rockies to a 5-3 win over the San Diego Padres.

Moyer chronicles his journey in a new book, Just Tell Me I Can’t: How Jamie Moyer Defied the Radar Gun and Defeated Time.
The memoir, is full of inside-baseball tales: how he got inside hitters’ heads, worked umpires to get a better strike zone, and learned to use his teeth — yes, his teeth — to tell his catcher he was changing the location of the pitch he was throwing.

… paralysis by analysis.
I think sometimes we can get too much information and paralyze ourselves with all of the information and forget the task at hand.

On using psychology to frustrate batters
So now take that ego that they have and use it against them. … If I can throw a hard pitch — maybe it’s just off the plate — but [then] I throw the same pitch or a pitch looking just like it, but it’s 8-10 miles an hour slower … and they swing like it’s the hard pitch, now all of the sudden they’re thinking it’s a fastball and they’re swinging way ahead of the ball, and now they become frustrated.
And that’s where the game of chess, of cat and mouse in baseball really comes into play.

Body Language That Gets the Job

Body Language That Gets the Job
Forbes. Dec  2, 2011

You sound great on the phone, by e-mail and in social media.
Don’t blow it in person.  Christine Jahnke, author of The Well-Spoken Woman, speaks to Forbes to give a everyone a few pointers so you can leave a lasting impression.

How to … Charisma

Is This How You Really Talk?

Posture affects a person’s behavior

How ‘Power Poses’ Can Help Your Career
Posture actually affects a person’s hormones and behavior, new research shows
The Wall Street Journal. August 20, 2013

Can how you stand or sit affect your success?

New research shows posture has a bigger impact on body and mind than previously believed.
Striking a powerful, expansive pose actually changes a person’s hormones and behavior, just as if he or she had real power.

power pose

weakish pose

expansive body position

confident, assertive behavior

broadcasting nonverbal information

how you hold your body