EPA To Crack Down On Accuracy Of MPG Claims By Car Makers

Ford C-Max

EPA To Crack Down On Accuracy Of MPG Claims By Car Makers
August 15, 2013

For auto companies, that Environmental Protection Agency-approved MPG sticker on a new car is a high stakes and expensive process. These days it can be damaging to a company’s image if customers can’t achieve that great fuel economy in their own commutes.

Ford is downgrading the mileage estimate for its C-Max hybrid. Many customers had complained that they couldn’t get anywhere near the EPA sticker number.

Bump On The Road For Driverless Cars Isn’t Technology, It’s You (audio)

Bump On The Road For Driverless Cars Isn’t Technology, It’s You (audio)
by Sonari Glinton
January 17, 2013
adaptive cruise control
The first autonomous driving feature was antilock brakes
The people we talked to in the industry say the switch will take at least 30 years — that’s the bad news.

Lexus showcase Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle at CES (video)
Jan 7, 2013


Brains, Minds and Machines Symposium, May, 2011, at MIT.
Keynote Panel: The Golden Age A Look at the Original Roots of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and Neuroscience
Panel: Emilio Bizzi , Sydney Brenner , Noam Chomsky, Marvin Minsky , Barbara H. Partee , Patrick H. Winston


Learn AI – The Time is NOW
By Nishith Pathak
July 14, 2017

Computer program detects author gender
Simple algorithm suggests words and syntax bear sex and genre stamp.
18 July 2003

Halite III (2018) AI Competition Introduction