Business Chemistry

Better Living Through ‘Business Chemistry’
Business Chemistry provides a framework for understanding four dominant personality types in business. CIOs who apply it may more effectively manage diverse sets of stakeholders.
Deloitte CIO Journal. May 19, 2014

Here are some specific tips for dealing with each Business Chemistry personality type:

Be lively: mimic a pioneer’s energy and optimism.


How Do You Survive Office Competition?
Hypercompetitors spark strong reactions in colleagues, from fighting back to shutting down; warriors vs. worriers
April 20, 2016

How we react to competition varies widely.
People may be conditioned by childhood experiences to see a hypercompetitive colleague as a challenge—and to respond by trying harder—or as a threat, triggering a retreat into fear and anxiety.

It is rooted partly in genetics: Scientists have identified a “warrior” variant of a gene linked to performance under pressure, which confers an advantage in threatening situations, and a “worrier” variant linked to poor performance, according to a 2015 study by researchers at Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest.

We all negotiate on a daily basis

We all negotiate on a daily basis.
On a personal level, we negotiate with friends, family, landlords, car sellers and employers, among others. Negotiation is also the key to business success. No business can survive without profitable contracts. Within a company, negotiation skills can lead to your career advancement.

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills
University of Michigan

Crafting experiments

Crafting experiments refers to the practice of implementing the small probes and projects that allow us to try out new professional roles on a limited but tangible scale without committing to a particular direction. This experimental method is not just a means of exploring known possibilities; it is also a way of creating unforeseen ones. Moreover, experimenting is not a one-shot deal: It is a method of inquiry, one we can use to confirm or disconfirm our hunches about what options are feasible or appealing. Experiments allow us to flirt with our possible selves.

Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career
By Herminia Ibarra
Harvard Business Press. 2003

INSEAD Professor Herminia Ibarra on facing career crosroads  
Apr 7, 2013

Seven lessons about Career Change with Professor Herminia Ibarra  
Dec 16, 2014

If you are playing on a court with Michael Jordan …

Restarting a Stalled Career
Jan 15, 2015

If you are playing on a court with Michael Jordan, you’re going to play up

Yet there could be a simpler solution than jumping ship. First, talk to your boss about the steps required to realize your ambitions, recommends Annie Stevens, a managing partner at ClearRock Inc., an executive coaching and outplacement firm. She believes it’s wiser to ask, “What are my gaps?”

Efforts to polish your portfolio won’t pay off unless colleagues start viewing you differently, too.  To demonstrate an interest in fresh approaches, try opening meetings with, “Why don’t we…,’’ proposes Laurence J. Stybel, president of Stybel Peabody Lincolnshire, a Boston leadership consultancy.

When you come to a fork in the road …

Aim For The Moon – 20 Success Tips from Amit Singhal, SVP and Google Fellow
June 13, 2014

6. When you come to a fork in the road, follow your heart and don’t look back

There are times in your life when you have a tough decision to make. “Follow your heart and don’t look back,” advised Amit. He himself had two such tough choices in his life – whether to join Lycos or Bell Labs (he chose Bell Labs), whether to become a professor or join the startup Google (he chose Google). If you follow your heart, you will sleep happy; don’t ask what could have been, said Amit.

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