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How to Breathe Better for Singing
Claudia Friedlander

Learn to SING from the DIAPHRAGM | Singing MYTH EXPOSED
Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials

How to do a lip trill – Part 1 – Learn to sing
Vocal Coach Dylan

Ep. 5 “What’s The Point Of Lip Trills?”- Voice Lessons To The World
New York Vocal Coaching

Beginner symbols

Beginner Rhythm

Rhythm I – Quarter Note/Rest

How Rhythm Works – The Raw Basics
Michael New

I Feel My Savior’s Love – Mormon Tabernacle Choir


Thom Yorke, Why you can’t sing FALSETTO…
Carl John Franz
Jan 11, 2018

Now Algorithms Are Deciding Whom To Hire, Based On Voice

Now Algorithms Are Deciding Whom To Hire, Based On Voice
March 23, 2015

in every version, Al Pacino’s voice has a biological, inescapable fact.

“His tone of voice generates engagement, emotional engagement with audiences,” says Luis Salazar, CEO of Jobaline. “It doesn’t matter if you’re screaming or not. That voice is engaging for the average American.”


Vocal fry

Vocal Fry May Hurt Women’s Job Prospects
May 29, 2014
In a new study, people said they were less likely to hire speakers who used the creaky-voiced affectation, particularly when they were female.

Voice Fry



Voice Technologies Shape The Sound of Our Modern World

Jonathan Sterne on How Voice Technologies Shape The Sound of Our Modern World
November 22, 2015

For as closely linked as the voice is to our body and sense of identity, there are also a lot of external forces affecting our voices, both social and technological. In fact, when we’re talking about mediated voices—voices we hear in music, film, and of course, on the radio—we’re actually not talking about “voices” any more. We’re talking about signal processing. And, as media historian Jonathan Sterne tells Craig Eley, signal processing shapes the sound of all vocal media, from your telephone calls to the music of T-Pain.