Tanya Tagaq

Tanya Tagaq “Uja” and “Umingmak” (live) — Polaris Music Prize 2014


The Sounds of Throat Singing
Tanya Tagaq

Now Algorithms Are Deciding Whom To Hire, Based On Voice

Now Algorithms Are Deciding Whom To Hire, Based On Voice
March 23, 2015

in every version, Al Pacino’s voice has a biological, inescapable fact.

“His tone of voice generates engagement, emotional engagement with audiences,” says Luis Salazar, CEO of Jobaline. “It doesn’t matter if you’re screaming or not. That voice is engaging for the average American.”



Vocal fry

Vocal Fry May Hurt Women’s Job Prospects
May 29, 2014
In a new study, people said they were less likely to hire speakers who used the creaky-voiced affectation, particularly when they were female.

Voice Fry



Voice Technologies Shape The Sound of Our Modern World

Jonathan Sterne on How Voice Technologies Shape The Sound of Our Modern World
November 22, 2015

For as closely linked as the voice is to our body and sense of identity, there are also a lot of external forces affecting our voices, both social and technological. In fact, when we’re talking about mediated voices—voices we hear in music, film, and of course, on the radio—we’re actually not talking about “voices” any more. We’re talking about signal processing. And, as media historian Jonathan Sterne tells Craig Eley, signal processing shapes the sound of all vocal media, from your telephone calls to the music of T-Pain.

What do you think you’re flying?

In ‘Poetry,’ The Story Of An African-American Military Family
February 08, 2014

Marilyn Nelson is one of America’s most celebrated poets. She is a three-time finalist for the National Book Award, winner of the Newbery and Printz and Coretta Scott King awards. Many of her most famous collections are for children.

Her latest work, How I Discovered Poetry, is a memoir about her own childhood. It’s a series of 50 poems about growing up, traveling all over America in the 1950s to follow her father’s job in the Air Force. Each of the poems is identified with a place and a date.

… we were driving once some place in California and a cop stopped us and said, ‘What do you think you’re flying, boy?’ And my father said, ‘B-52s.’ “

In A World (2013)

“In A World,’ All Voice-Overs Are Not Created Equal
August 08, 2013

the new comedy In a World … — written and directed by actress Lake Bell — tells the story of voice-over artists competing to become the next Don LaFontaine.

Bell starred with Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated

In a World … casts her as a veteran voice coach who wants to break into the male-dominated world of voice-overs.

… researching an accent, and the perils of “sexy-baby vocal virus.”

On how male and female voice-overs are used differently
Bell: “If a man is selling you a car in a voice-over, it’s like, ‘Buy this car and you’ll get to be me.’ And if a woman is selling a car via the voice-over, then it’s sort of, ‘Buy this car and you’ll get to be with me.’ ”

On sexy voice trends through the ages
Bell: “The vocal trend that is infecting the female youth in this fine nation is the sexy baby vocal virus.

‘In A World …’ Is A Comedy About, You Guessed It, Voice-Over Artists
July 25, 2013



accent reduction





Researchers Examine Whether First Impressions Are Lasting
December 22, 2016
we not only see superficial things, we read meaning into photographs. We draw inferences about someone’s personality from the way they look in a photo.


Valerie June On Learning To Love ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ Voices

Valerie June On Learning To Love ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ Voices
August 09, 2013

one day I was boarding a plane to head back to Memphis, and I heard this beautiful voice singing to me, and it just started singing, ‘Running on Tennessee time …’ And I was just like, ‘Man. That really is what I’m on.’ Because New York City’s moving so fast, and I’m just kind of taking my time with everything. I’m still on Southern time — or, they call it, colored people’s time or CP time or Delta time. Whatever you wanna call it, it’s a little bit slower than New York time.”

You say you hear the music in your head. Is it your own voice? How does it work?
“It’s usually many different voices. That’s always a hard subject to talk about, because it kind of sounds crazy to say, ‘Sometimes I hear an older black male voice. Sometimes I hear a younger woman’s voice. Sometimes I hear a child’s voice.’ … I try to write down every song that comes to me, even though I know that every song that comes to me isn’t a song that I need to sing. Some of them are just songs that you write to get to the next song that is yours to sing because you relate to it.”

Radio6NL, 2013

William Shatner’s Own Space Oddity

William Shatner’s Own Space Oddity
October 16, 2011

a new, space-themed spoken-word album, Seeking Major Tom.
The two-disc set features a laundry list of popular musicians, from Lyle Lovett and Peter Frampton to Sheryl Crow and members of the prog-rock bands Asia and King Crimson.

Seeking Major Tom tells the story of the fictional astronaut in David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and what happens after he steps out of the space capsule.

At 80, Shatner shows no signs of slowing down. Where does he find the energy for a third album?

Well, as you get older, you become more sensitized to the fact of how ephemeral life is.
So that relishing life, every moment, like talking to you right now is the most enjoyable thing I can imagine because it’s what I’m doing right now. That’s the way I think we should feel.