Executive functioning (2014)

ADHD, Self Regulation and Executive Functioning: Implications for Management
Dr Russell Barkley
Transitions 2014

400 psychological traits that have been catalogued in the human psyche

more than 33 psychological abilities have been atributed to the term “executive function”. THEREFORE: ambiguous definition

Your feelings inform your thoughts; it's a reciprocal system.

This network is the final determiner of what you choose to do.

As Damasio said: you can not make decisions unless the cognitive content (what you're thinking about) has some affective or emotional valence built into it.
Otherwise it's purely rational information that has no personal meaning to you. It's the personal meaning, the emotional tone of your thougts that helps to decide among your various options.

psychometric test batteries:

all four levels of driving
necessary but insufficient faculties

It doesn't matter what you know. You can't use it.
What matters is do you apply it?

This is not a skill disorder. Stop skill training.

Impairments are always setting-specific

The longer you stay on your medication, the more normal your brain becomes.

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