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Registry of Standard Biological Parts

DNA. Origin of replication
Nikolay’s Genetics Lessons
Sep 21, 2013

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Proofing. Over-proved dough. Under-proved dough.

How to tell when your bread dough is done proofing and ready for the oven
3 September 2016
Written By Hanna Ibraheem

overproofing, so that the gluten structure can’t hold the gases any longer and collapses.
To see if it’s properly proofed, press it with your finger.. the dough shoud spring back up slowly, leaving a small dent.
If overproofed, the dough won’t spring back up; underproofed, it’ll spring back fully and more quickly.
Another possibility is under- or overkneading, so that the gluten structure wasn’t well developed to begin with.
The dough (= the gluten inside the dough) should be stretchy, able to resist tears when pulled and spring back up when pressed.
At this stage it shouldn’t be sticky anymore either.

Word Wizardry (Susan B. Neuman)

words_at_end_high_schoolWord Wizardry: Vocabulary Enhancement in Early Childhood, Prek Through Grade 1
by Susan B. Neuman

34:41 Children learn through frequency of words. we had to repeat a word 28 different times, in different ways, for a child to easily remember that word.

43:41 is there a vocabulary-rich environment?

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44:40 book desserts: children don’t have access to books

46:23 books in every c…

47:05 compare & contrast

engage in justification

53: thematic vs. categories

57:  8-10 words each week
Opportunities for GUIDED PRACTICE:
– pictures; rhymes; riddles
– call and response techniques

58: GUIDED PRACTICE: you’re there to correct the student immediately

1:00 informal children monitoring

How are these things all alike?

Vocabulary: explicit vs. implicit
December 12, 2012
Isabel Beck’s Book, Bringing Words to Life



4. let students compose jingles or songs for words and definitions
9. Create vocabulary word pages in a notebook.