Word Wizardry (Susan B. Neuman)

words_at_end_high_schoolWord Wizardry: Vocabulary Enhancement in Early Childhood, Prek Through Grade 1
by Susan B. Neuman

34:41 Children learn through frequency of words. we had to repeat a word 28 different times, in different ways, for a child to easily remember that word.

43:41 is there a vocabulary-rich environment?

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44:40 book desserts: children don’t have access to books

46:23 books in every c…

47:05 compare & contrast

engage in justification

53: thematic vs. categories

57:  8-10 words each week
Opportunities for GUIDED PRACTICE:
– pictures; rhymes; riddles
– call and response techniques

58: GUIDED PRACTICE: you’re there to correct the student immediately

1:00 informal children monitoring

How are these things all alike?

Vocabulary: explicit vs. implicit
December 12, 2012
Isabel Beck’s Book, Bringing Words to Life



4. let students compose jingles or songs for words and definitions
9. Create vocabulary word pages in a notebook.

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