mysql-connector-python 2.1.5

connector_invisibleThe installed version (mysql-connector-python-2.1.5-py3.4-winx64.msi) is undetected by Oracle’s MySQL


connector…ending support for OS versions that are obsolete or have reached end of life, we plan to discontinue building all MySQL binaries for Microsoft Windows 7 as of June 23, 2016

MySQL 5.7.1 since ~ April 2013

mysql-connector-python 2.1.5
MySQL driver written in Python is this page updated??

MySQL Connector/Python Developer Guide
Chapter 1 Introduction to MySQL Connector/Python
up to and including MySQL Server version 5.7.
Chapter 3 Connector/Python Versions
Another recommendation is to declare a numeric primary key for each table, which offers the fastest way to look up values and can act as a pointer to associated values in other tables (a foreign key).


import mysql.connector





For nonbuffered cursors, rows are not fetched from the server until a row-fetching method is called.
In this case, you must be sure to fetch all rows of the result set before executing any other statements on the same connection, or an InternalError (Unread result found) exception will be raised.
solution: cnx.close()


“developer milestone”

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