I’m not thinking about the voices

Ontological security and connectivity provided by pets: a study in the self-management of the everyday lives of people diagnosed with a long-term mental health condition
BMC Psychiatry, 2016, 16:409
Helen Brooks, Kelly Rushton, Sandra Walker, Karina Lovell and Anne Rogers
Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, University of Manchester

… pets featured highly in the network hierarchy and were linked to dependency and substitutability of other, often absent network members providing or replacing ontological security from other sources.

…. pets could distract their owners from positive symptoms of schizophrenia such as hearing voices, from suicidal ideation or from a general sense of feeling alone:
“But if I’m here and I’m having…having problems with voices and that, erm, it does help me in the sense, you know, I’m not thinking about the voices, I’m just thinking of when I hear the birds singing” (ID 2, 2 birds, first circle).

journalistic version:

Animal-Assisted Therapy

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Rogers A, et al.

major depression, Autism Spectrum Disorders

Social network types, Network Diagram


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