Psychology textbooks

Understanding Psychology, 11th Edition
Charles G. Morris, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan
Dr. Albert A. Maisto, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Pearson ©2016
ISBN13: 9780133908923

David G. Myers
Nine edition in modules

AP Psychology


Understanding Psychology (Student Edition)
Price: $72.15
for an introductory high school course.


Understanding Psychology (Feldman), 11th Edition
© 2013
… an adaptive learning system


Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior, 5e
© 2011
Grade Levels 9 – 12
Price: $184.50

The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View (King), 3rd Edition
© 2014
Grade Levels 9 – 12
King Science of Psychology © 2014 Student Edition with Connect Plus, 1-year subscription
Price: $105.30
second day: $177.70

Visualizing Psychology, 3rd Edition
Siri Carpenter, Karen Huffman
December 2012, ©2013

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