Worshiping the volcano god of pain

Pain In The Back? Exercise May Help You Learn Not To Feel It
January 13, 2014

worshiping the volcano god of pain!’ And I thought: ‘What is this about?’ ”

Rainville explains: “In primitive cultures, if you lived near a volcano and the volcano started smoking and looking like something was going to happen, well, it was obvious[ly] because gods were mad at you. And you’d start doing silly things — sacrificing chickens or goats or whatever, thinking that that would appease the gods.”

In a strange way, Rainville says, people with chronic back pain do something very similar. They sacrifice parts of their life — playing golf or softball, running, picking up bags of groceries or grandchildren. Patients get so afraid of pain, they do anything to avoid it.

“They keep putting things onto this altar, thinking that’s going to change the situation,” Rainville says.


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