The Schwartz Value Survey

The Schwartz Value Survey (Schwartz, S.H. 1992)

It measures the values of individuals.
It includes 56 single-value items, representing 10 distinct motivational value constructs.
Respondents rate the importance of each value item as “a guiding principle of my life”, on a 9-point scale from 7 (“of supreme importance”) to -1 (“opposed to my values”)

On the first axis, Self-transcendence values (Universalism and Benevolence, i.e., values emphasising acceptance of others as equals and concern for their welfare) are opposed to Self-Enhancement values (Achivement and Power, i.e., values emphasising the pursuit of one’s own relative success and dominance over others).

A second axis opposes Conservation values (Conformity, Tradition and Security, i.e., values emphasising submissive self-restriction, preservation of traditional practices and protection of stability) to Openess to Change values (Self-Direction and Stimulation, i.e., values emphasising its own independent thought and action and favouring change).
The 10th value of Hedonism is located between the Openness to Change and Self-Enhancement axes.

The meaning of sense of coherence in transcultural management.
By Claude H. Meyer
Waxmann Verlag, 2011


List of Values

Life Orientation Test

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