Intellectual humility

How Google’s Laszlo Bock Is Making Work Better
June 7, 2016·

structured interview questions, which are proven in the academic research to be an accurate way of predicting how someone’s going to perform.

And we boiled it down to four attributes:

  1. general cognitive ability – so that’s smarts but it also relates to learning ability and general problem-solving
  2. emergent leadership. So it’s not were you captain of a football team, were you promoted to vice president quickly?
    It’s when you see a problem, do you step in to help fix it and, just as importantly, do you relinquish power and let go of it?
  3. The third is what we call Googleness … what it boils down to is conscientiousness, which gets to this question of what people think like owners once they’re here? And the second element of Googleness is intellectual humility, not real humility.
    We have people with big personalities and sometimes bruising personalities – but the kind of humility that lets you say, if I get new facts, I’m going to revise my opinions and perspectives in light of those new facts.
  4. And then the last and least important thing is actually can you do the job? – ’cause we figure if you have all the other attributes, you’ll figure out the job.

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