Is an audiobook a book?

Neil Gaiman Asks: Heard Any Good Books Lately?
November 30, 2009

audiobooks can vary wildly. The person reading makes all the difference.

“I absolutely think the audiobooks are getting better: .. the ways they are interpreted

Critic Harold Bloom said, “Deep reading really demands the inner ear as well as the outer ear. You need the whole cognitive process, that part of you which is open to wisdom. You need the text in front of you.”

… a lot of people who, when asked if they’ve read a book, hesitate and say, “Well, I’ve listened to it.”

So is an audiobook a book?
audio producer Rick Harris: “An audiobook is a separate entity … a novel can be seen … as is a script for an audio performance.”
“It is an audiobook, and that has its own validity, its own limitations, its own strengths… The human voice is unquestionably the most expressive musical instrument there is. You combine those two, and you get an audiobook.

Tom Wujec: 3 ways the brain creates meaning


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