Capital aux Etats-Unis

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Gilded Age

Rise Of The New American Barons
August 10, 2013’s Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post; Google’s Sergey Brin backed the creation of a lab-grown beef burger.
Then there’s Richard Branson and his commercial space flights, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s win in the America’s Cup

… driven by passion. They think of themselves as being invincible. They will not accept naysayers’ thoughts as obstacles that they can’t overcome. And they all had vision. They all had enormous work ethic. They were very sure of themselves, very confident in their abilities.


A Concept Map (cell biology)

Cell biology should be taught as science is practised
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 7, 290-296 (April 2006)

This concept map is a nonlinear diagrammatic representation of meaningful relationships between concepts.
The concepts are linked by words that describe the relationships or connections between the concepts.
Concept maps are used in various ways to enhance meaningful learning.

… Any particular sequence can never be optimal for all students, given that every learner has a unique cognitive structure that is derived from their individual experiences.
To overcome this limitation, the instructor can provide a basic, skeleton map of important concepts, which provides a ‘conceptual scaffolding’ that serves as a starting point for the student.
Students ‘fill in’ and complete the map by building their knowledge structures, in their own way, and represent them in more complex and elaborate maps.

Students can also be required to construct their own concept maps from each class by identifying and linking important concepts.
The students’ maps will become increasingly complex as their understanding progresses and they grasp the ‘big picture’.

An entire lecture topic, unit, course or curriculum can be elucidated by this approach when the connections between concepts are illustrated.

Problem-based learning

Teaching materials and online resources in biology

Education homepages and publications of professional societies

The Finest Traditions of My Calling

Doctor Yearns For Return To Time When Physicians Were ‘Artisans’
May 24, 2016

In his recent book, The Finest Traditions of My Calling, Dr. Abraham Nussbaum, 41, makes the case that doctors and patients alike are being shortchanged by current medical practices that emphasize population-based standards of care rather than individual patient needs and experiences.

Nussbaum, a psychiatrist, is the chief education officer at Denver Health Medical Center and works on the adult inpatient psychiatric unit

Business communication

Successful Business Communication: It Starts At The Beginning
Forbes. May 28, 2013
Amy Rees Anderson

1. Is what you want to talk about going to be painful?
2. How long is it going to take?
3. When you are done talking, what do you want from me?

takes practice and consistent attention and effort on our part, and it is a skill that we cannot afford to overlook.

Culture: Why It’s The Hottest Topic In Business Today
Forbes. March 13, 2015
Josh Bersin

The Competing Values Framework, by Cameron and Quinn

Culture is slow to build, pervasive, and hard to change. Climate can be changed quickly.