Doubter’s Almanac

‘Doubter’s Almanac’ Is A Family Saga, Plus Algebraic Equations
Fresh Air. February 23, 2016

Ethan Canin first caught the attention of the literary world with his 1985 short story collection, “Emperor Of The Air,” and because for a time after its publication he simultaneously pursued literary and medical careers. Since then he’s published acclaimed novels like “For Kings And Planets” and “America America.”
… three decades later Canin is still a master of the unexpected. Here’s her review of Canin’s latest novel, “A Doubter’s Almanac.”

On mathematicians and mental illness

Mathematicians don’t like it when they’re associated with, you know, with mental illness. And I can see why they don’t. … A lot of mathematicians are sort of bristled when people say that they can’t get along socially, that they’re not good with people. But I look around the world; I think it seems to be fairly true.

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