It’s Who We Are

It’s Who We Are — Not What We Do: Ideas Are Supported By Belief
Quicken Loans Culture

Nov 8, 2013

At Quicken Loans, it’s simple: If you have an idea and want it to succeed, it’ll show up in everything you do and you’ll make a difference. That happens every day among the 10,000 team members at Quicken Loans. It all started here as an idea that was supported by a belief system. Without that, none of it would work. With it, we thrive. Making a difference for our clients, our teams, ourselves. That’s what it’s all about, and that’s what we do here at Quicken Loans. A lot of our success is rooted in not being afraid to fail. Or better yet, learning from failure and getting stronger. It’s worked for nearly 30 years and it’ll work for many more.

Mortgage Banker Recruiter

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Managing Talent
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CEO Bill Emerson on Company Culture

There’s more to us than you think
April 2012

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