Programming Languages to Learn in 2016

Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2016
Aug 6, 2015
Chris Hawkes

1. JS
2. Java
3. Python
4. C++
5. C# (the language of the .NET framework)
6. Swift (Apple)
7. Ruby
8. PHP (built specifically for the web. Powers WordPress)
9. GO (developed at Google)
10. C


Larry Wall: 5 Programming Languages Everyone Should Know  
Big Think . 2011.

  1. JavaScript
  2. Java. The Cobol of the 21st century.
  3. Haskell. A functional language. A modern Lisp.
  4. C. Close to the metal. Almost all of the languages that you see (Java, Perl, etc.) are actually implemented in C.
  5. Python. Ruby. Perl.


Bjarne Stroustrup: The 5 Programming Languages You Need to Know  
Big Think. 2011

a functional language


It’s not as fast as many languages due to its dynamic duck typing
a lot slower than compiled languages such as C++ or C#

Using Python Requests to Log Into a Website
Chris Hawkes
May 22, 2014

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